In Honor of the Unknown Soldier

In Honor of the Unknown Soldier

It has been a while since my last photo. Since last time, I got a new job, and Covid-19 has been roaring all over the world. As a result, I have not done much travelling.

During the summer when the pandemic was on a low in many countries, my girlfriend and I did manage to travel to Athens, though.

Our hotel was small and family owned, and it was located perfectly in the Plaka district, near Acropolis, the tomb of the unknown soldier etc.

The tomb of the unknown soldier was a place that we went past numerous of times due to the fact that the nearest metro station was there.

It’s sort of a plaza with a grave. The national guard is protecting the tomb of this unknown soldier.

From what I can read, it’s a highly symbolic place, as it represents all of the fallen soldiers during wartimes.

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