Swedish Lakes are Cool

Swedish Lakes are Cool

Way back before this whole Corona thing, my parents made a reservation for a holiday house in Sweden, near a couple of the large lakes that the country is famous for.

My parents were understandably worried that they wouldn’t be able to go, as Sweden has seen some of the highest per capita rates of Corona virus in the world and therefore has been highly advised against visiting by our government.

A few weeks prior to the booked dates, the government lifted the restrictions for that region of Sweden (and has since lifted restrictions for the entire country).

They chose a very large holiday house because they intended to invite my siblings and me.

My girlfriend and I only had time to spend a single night there, sadly, but at least we had a very good time.

We went to the nearest lake, only a few hundred meters away.

There was a sauna, some benches, and a really good view of the lake.

I wish we had time to stay a bit longer, but at least I know they had a great time.

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