Bobsled Track or Art Heaven?

Bobsled Track or Art Heaven?

This photo was taken in 2018 when I was still studying. We went on a study trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital Sarajevo to help the Bosnian government work on a tourism strategy.

In case you didn’t know, Yugoslavia hosted the Winter Olympics back in the 1980s. Yugoslavia then spent a lot of money on sports facilities, such as a bobsled track.

Then in the 1990s came the civil war. I won’t get into all of the war stuff, but let’s just say that the track wasn’t in use for several years.

When the war ended, the track, which is located up on the side of one of the surrounding mountains, became a spot for young people to go hang out with friends.

As has happened with abandoned buildings all over the world, it was soon covered in graffiti. But not only the usual tags; it became a place for young people to create art. That’s exactly what a wartorn young population needed. To create art that expresses their feelings.

Today it’s a tourist spot, but it’s still not overrun by tourists as Bosnia and Herzegovina is not really a popular tourist destination. I highly recommend going there. It was truly an amazing experience.

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