Secret Café in Croatia

Secret Café in Croatia

During the vacation in Croatia with my parents a few years back, we went to a kind of remote village up on a large hill (or small mountain).

After walking around for a while, admiring the medieval architecture and beautiful streets, we wanted to take a break at a café.

We found a café that had a nice view over the landscape, but it was very cramped. A lot of tourists was there, and we felt like we didn’t have enough room for the six of us.

Therefore, we asked the waiter if they had a table with a bit more elbow room. To our surprise, he said yes and lead us to a “secret” table with an amazing view.

It was on a completely different level than the regular part of the café, and we had it for ourselves!

The trip to that village was great, but the highlight was definitely the secret part of that café with an amazing view.

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